what? why are you staring at me?

21 November 2011

in roxanne

Post image for what? why are you staring at me?

Oh, Rox…glad you enjoyed your new toy for .2 seconds. And don’t worry, it wasn’t a gift sent all the way from the good ol’ U S of A or anything.

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jenn November 21, 2011

He looks so much like Rockee!


Roastypeps November 21, 2011

It was worth it just for the photos!! Don’t tell her but I found a new toy that I think she will REALLY love. If she is a good girl maybe she’ll get it for Christmas.


D.O.D. November 21, 2011

Next toy is stainless steel.


abby November 22, 2011

hehe Rox is too cute. I wish I had a big dog!


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