the friday list, v15 {well hi there}

13 April 2012

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Hi hello, TGIF…glad you’re back.  Since returning from our long weekend spent in Austria, time has seemed to have slipped through my fingers…I can’t believe it is already the weekend again. 

Anyway, since I am currently at the office, whoops, and since I don’t really have anything specific to share at this very moment…theFridayList is going to be short & sweet:  a quick catch up.

een.  PAB is supposed to be posting on here sometime soon…I mentioned this on Monday and it will happen…soon?
twee.  We got our boat!  Ok, PAB got the boat.  Yesterday.  And the engine only died twice while navigating to our little canal.   Good sign, no?
drie.  I’m working on yet another internet project & it has to do with making website magic.  
vier.  I am pretty excited for tomorrow’s schedule:  wake up early, have a delicious cappuccino or similar, go to Loods5 to get some beanbag chairs for the boat, pick up a portable grill for the boat…and then “be boating” by mid-afternoon.
vijf.  We are starting a book club!   We, as in a bunch of local expats I’ve connected with via blogging since moving to Amsterdam.
zes.  Exactly one month from now my parents will be in Holland for the very first time.
zeven.  It’s Friday the 13th!  Did you know that already?

Based on the {lack of} content on that last one, I should probably stop thi slist right here & get on with things.

TGIF…enjoy your weekend, where ever you may be & whatever you may be doing.

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Jeanelle @ Glocal Girl April 13, 2012

So excited for book club! Enjoy boating!!!!


elz April 13, 2012



Lily @ Lilywanderlust April 13, 2012

yeah yeah boat parties! loot 5! book club! so many awesome things on this list! and i totally made a friday list too, just for your link up :)


elz April 13, 2012

Hooray! The link-up is up…you can link now. :)


Alex April 13, 2012

Ah so fun your parents are coming to visit! And I did not know it was the 13th until my dad sent an ecard to me informing and wishing me luck? Am I the only one that has a father this odd?

WHERE’S your link up missy?


elz April 13, 2012

SORRY it’s here, it’s here.
Someone’s gotta keep me in line, thanks!


roastypeps April 13, 2012

We are excited for the weekend as well. We’re doing a getaway weekend in Providence that includes Foxwoods, golf & the firm’s anniversary dinner party.

What is PAB going to name the boat?


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