the austrian alps

16 April 2012

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Over Easter weekend, we hopped in the car and drove about nine hours to St. Anton, in the Austrian Alps, for one last weekend of skiing.

We arrived late afternoon, checked into our B&B, and then walked around the town.  Cute, non-touristy feel, bright blue skies & spring-like conditions…I don’t know about PAB, but I was getting a bit worried we had over shot the spring skiing window.

Luckily, I was wrong…as we woke up to fresh snow the next morning, which makes for excellent days spent on the slopes.

It was a quick trip, but well worth it – we both agree it would be the perfect place to spend a week next season.  The Austrians know the definition of aprés ski, that’s for sure.

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roastypeps April 16, 2012

You sure picked the right winter to ski Europe instead of New England! Glad you had a good time.


Bess April 16, 2012

I’m embarassed to say that I live in Colorado and I didn’t ski at all this year. I did go to the French Alps when I lived in France. The skiing was great, and so was the food. We did kareoke one night too.


elz April 16, 2012

there is just something so wonderful about the alps, and maybe that’s just it…being able to call it ‘the alps’. crazy, i still can’t believe i *actually live* in europe sometimes.

thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment today!


FBird April 16, 2012

Merci pour les photos! love your action shot
I see that PB is still slacking on his blog post (surprise, surprise)
Show us the boat !!!


elz April 16, 2012

ha, no kidding. but i suppose he has bigger fish to fry…now that we have a boat…that doesn’t work and all. post coming in t-minus 10 hours {as in, 7:30am CET tomorrow}.
ps – miss you dear!
pps – did you call that company back, did you get the appointment?!


Alex April 16, 2012

That must’ve bee quite the drive!!


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