Not pictures of them actually sleeping, sorry folks.  {Maybe-just-maybe I’m saving those for a rainy day.} The weather has been mild here in Amsterdam, compared to typical winters, which has been pretty fantastic.  In fact, I have yet to see real-live-snow-falling, can you believe that? We’ve definitely been taking advantage of the Amsterdam parks during […]


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Even when it isn’t raining, you can’t escape the liquid in these low lands, but I suppose I, I just maybe, I might…totally adore the water that fills the canals & gives Amsterdam so. much. damn. charm.  See!  The charm!  There it is! {Or, maybe the creepiness, given the fact I took a picture of these […]


With our third delivery from De Krat, we were presented with fresh produce, bread, fruits & fish. Looking for a tasty way to prepare the mackerel with ingredients already stocked in our kitchen, we looked up a few recipes online. Ultimately, we ended up with two dinners & leftover lunches, fantastic. The best part?  Quick […]


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Hi guys!  Well, at least it’s Wednesday & we’re one day closer to the weekend, phew. So can I tell you a secret?  I really, seriously, can’t believe, that I am already back in the workforce.  It feels as though I never stopped, even though I spent the last FOUR months being relatively lazy + […]


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Unfortunately, the Dutch aren’t known for their breakfast.  In fact, it can be hard to find places that even serve breakfast items beyond baked goods.  As two people who love a good brunch, PAB & I were worried we might be forced to make our own french toast-omelettes-hash browns-egg sandwiches-etc lineup all the time.  {Fun […]

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I am p-r-e-t-t-y excited to be en route back to AMS today!  It has been an amazing few weeks at home, but I have definitely missed my favs. So PAB & Rox, let’s make sure we turn the heat back on in the apartment, ok?  I know it’s been “fun” conserving our resources & “saving […]


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This year for Christmas, I wanted to give PAB something that was a bit different & unique.   When I heard about De Krat from Carly {a fellow expat blogger living in the Netherlands}, I instantly knew it would be the perfect gift. Every other week, PAB will receive a crate of local / fresh / […]


Last night we decided it would be a good idea to venture out into the windy, windy & slightly drizzly weather for dinner.  We hopped on our bikes and pedaled into the center of town.   I commented on how it wasn’t even that cold, for all the wind.  PAB noticed that it wasn’t even […]