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1 May 2012

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Row row row your boat,
gently down the stream.
Or in our case, against the current.

Our new boat, with the old engine, was having a bit of trouble the first weekend we took her out.
Actually, a lot of trouble.
We ended up having to tie her up in a random canal in the middle of Amsterdam. 

But never fear, we found some cheap paddles and eventually went back for her.  And then paddled her home.  Slowly.

I helped paddle of course…but if you were wondering how I was paddling & snapping photos…my, you are a quick one. I may have taken a small break to lay in the beanbag.  But let’s stay focused: all that matters is that WE MADE IT.

To celebrate we went out to dinner with our friends, to a restaurant none of us had been to before. 

It was so terrible we may all be writing individual yelp reviews to bring down the rating.  Against my better judgement, here’s the restaurant, mainly so you never to go here if you visit or live in Amsterdam:

 But on a brighter note, I am creating a list of all the really good places in Amsterdam that you should experience.  It’s a work in progress, but a start nonetheless.  


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Megan May 1, 2012

i cant wait to check out your AMS list so i can make a trip back there and experience it better!

btw i think your 1st photo is wrong size.


elz May 1, 2012

ah, thanks for letting me know! One of the downsides of autoposting…not being able to immediately catch things like this right after publishing.


Katrin May 1, 2012

I can’t wait to see the list and I can’t wait to travel to Amsterdam again! :)


roastypeps May 1, 2012

Have gondolier, will travel. All you need is a ruffled parasol, ELZ.


FBird May 1, 2012

You are my kind of paddler (via bean bag)


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