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9 December 2011

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I spend a lot of time on the internet.  Probably too much, but really, I don’t care.  To me it’s a fascinating thing.  The ability to find, learn, share information instantaneously.  And when I say information, I really mean useless knowledge, insightful articles, stunning photographs, hysterical commentary, live news, weird crap, accurate history, tutorials galore, the ability to spend thousands of dollars or just a few bucks with the same amount of clicks, new careers, entertainment, and of course, way too much information about random people in all parts of the world {case in point: this blog}.

Today I am providing you with a little snapshot of my interwebings this past week.  And I am skipping the daily stuff like email & facebook & news sites & my favorite blogs {and I never check the weather}.

Without further ado, I introduce to you the very first edition:

750words is a site that I didn’t actually visit this week, but I still like it & wanted to share anyway.

Photojojo is a great website for anyone who has an interest in photography. {ahem, like me. just kidding. kind of.}

Dekrat is a small company here in Amsterdam that hand delivers a crate filled with local & organic food, right to your doorstep.  They are pretty much really awesome.  It’s like going to your local farmers’ market…without actually going.  Or in my case, talking a big game about ‘getting up early this weekend to go’…and then never actually making it.  {and I might as well also throw in, as the Dutch isn’t quite at the be-able-to-read-everything level just yet.}

Alright, so I caved.  First, I subscribed to Groupon Amsterdam against my better judgement. Then, .2 seconds later I purchased a deal here for a photo canvas.  {And one for Skype credit too…but that was here, I need to stop.}

Am I the only one who thinks IKEA is annoyingly confusing to navigate?   There is just way. too. much. going on {like this blog post?  yikes}.  Which probably accounts for the fact that I have already made two physical trips to this wonderful place this week.  {Am I implying a third this weekend?  God I hope not.}

Fab is theoretically an ok website, as I like perusing the homepage.  But I think that might be because I can see many things at once…I’m a scanner.  And I’m just not sure I would ever buy “smart bamboo kitchenware” or GI Joe jewelry or a “connectable strawz set”.  Although I do like a lot of the prints & maps, I will say.

I spent an exhorbantent amount of time on Delta booking my flight back to Amsterdam after the holidays.

I am learning Dutch, as in I-am-teaching-myself-since-I-have-no-Dutch-friends-yet, so I use Wikibooks in combination with the Rosetta Stone & Pimsleur tapes.  {I will be taking actual in-person Dutch classes in 2012, wabam.}

Combining my love of photography & travel & Boston, I get excited every time I type into the address bar.

I bought this from Patagonia online, in anticipation of spending the rest of the month at home.  I mean, I should have some type of material possession waiting for me, right?  I am going back to the United States and everything.

UPC, didn’t anyone tell you first impressions are everything?  Sorry, but it was a disaster setting up our cable & internet; you really messed it up.  It still isn’t fixed, as in, we have an extra modem that I am sure you are going to try to charge us for, and that is just the beginning.  {And plus, I can’t say too much, since I linked to your website and all.}

And that, my friends, is a glimpse into my website lifestyle during this first week of December.  Except one more thing: this is actually also a link-up, which means that there are also other bloggers around the internet that are doing the very same thing today, summarizing some type of list or catalog of things to share with their readers.  E-Tells-Tales is hosting this link up, so check out her site if you’re feeling adventurous today.



PS This is my new Friday thing, the friday list, so I hope you like it.


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ashley December 9, 2011

Stopping by from E Tells Tales… as for Ikea we just got a new one this week, the biggest in Canada which is a big deal… as for fab… i feel the same way, nice in theory but don’t think i’d ever pull the trigger and finally, loving your patagonia fleece! happy weekend!


elz December 9, 2011

thanks ashley…hope you enjoy your weekend, stay away from the IKEA! ha.


Alice December 9, 2011

It’s always fun to find another living abroad blog!! And I totally pre-order stuff online in preparation for my visits home and for when my mom comes to visit me. She’s coming at the end of the month and she sent me a picture of all the packages I ordered of things for her to bring me and it was honestly embarrassing… I think I over did it…. haha.


elz December 10, 2011

ha! i dont think we can really “over do” something like this…i mean, there are certain things we just NEED!


abby December 10, 2011

I hope you do well learning Dutch :) I tried learning japanese and for the life of me I just can’t get it right, lol


elz December 10, 2011

ah i can just imagine how difficult japanese must be! i feel your pain.


kit December 10, 2011

I really wish that I had an Ikea close to me!!!


elz December 10, 2011

it’s definitely a love-hate kind of thing…


Rick December 12, 2011

Dekrat is definitely awesome! I wish you well learning Dutch. Every language is Greek to me–I’m better with numbers. Before my son could speak, he did a lot of grunting and pointing and, somehow, his older sister always knew what he wanted. I need to find people like her when I travel–so far I’ve been lucky. =)


Lily December 15, 2011

I just stumbled on your blog, it’s always fun to find other American bloggers in Amsterdam! As for learning Dutch you should really try taking a class (if you can find the time) it really helped me to just speak as much as possible even if I could only say a few words properly and then just do the rest in English. Don’t hold your breath on making Dutch friends quickly, they can be a bit hard to crack. Good luck!


elz December 16, 2011

Thanks for the advice! I found a class im going to enroll in that starts in January, and then a second one at the free university that starts at the end of Feb. Thanks for stopping by + commenting, so glad we connected!


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