happy anniversary M&D!

3 January 2012

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Dear Mom & Dad:  you guys thought I would forget, didn’t ya?  Well looks like I DID NOT!

So there you have it, the big announcement of the day is that…

Today, January 3rdwaaaaaay back when, a terribly long time ago…

…is the day in which my parents decided to get hitched.

AND if I was more prepared & had tried to send them a clever card in advance, this is what I would have sent:

{this is my new favorite online shop}

AND if I was more prepared and lived on the same continent, I would have tried to bake them this cake.

{Maybe one of you can try for me?}

And there you have it.  Have a great days guys.  Love, me

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roastypeps January 3, 2012

whoa baby, now that is SOME anniversary cake! thanks for the celebratory posting, ELZ. 29 years sure dash by quickly.


elz January 4, 2012

and just think HOW WONDERFUL the last 27.5 been!


abby January 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary to your parents! Cheers to them for more wonderful years to come :)


elz January 4, 2012

Aw thanks Abby, you’re the best. :)


roastypeps January 4, 2012

Thank you Abby! One of our secrets to success is lots of dancing together!


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