frites, yes please

25 October 2011

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So apparently it is pretty popular to eat french fries covered in a delicious mayonnaise-y sauce with a cute tiny little fork in these parts of the world.  And I am definitely not complaining.

There are small shops & stands & food carts that specialize in frites in many tourist-filled towns; the trick is knowing where the locals go.  FB got an insider tip that this fellow named Max had the best frites in all of Antwerp…so obviously we had to put this bold statement to the test.

…luckily for Max (us?), his frites passed with flying colors in our book.

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MSR October 26, 2011

so no pics of the frites cause you ate them too fast?


elz October 26, 2011

100% accurate.
I realized I didn’t take a pic when we threw away the bag.
Something tells me I will have many opportunities to take future frites-eating pics.


Roastypeps October 26, 2011

excellent point, MSR.


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