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Hi, welcome! On this page you will find a mostly {hopefully} complete & up-to-date list of all the wonderful places I have visited, organized by country. Happy wandering…

They say your life is composed into chapters. Things begin & things end. Change happens. For the past year & a half, I’ve been living in Amsterdam, traveling throughout Europe, developing amazing new friendships, working for global multinationals, drinking Belgian beers, and cycling everywhere. Next weekend, I’ll be flying back over the Atlantic, heading home. […]


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On Sunday we headed outside of Amsterdam & participated in the last day of zelfpluk at this orchard. Armed with warm coats, bags for our new fruit treasures, and of course our cameras…we wandered up & down the aisles laughing and picking apples here or there. I ended up taking home 7. But that’s enough […]


I, for one, am thankful for the weekend.  It’s mid-afternoon here, and I can almost reach out & touch 17.00.   Here are some pictures I collected during a recent weekend afternoon spent at the beach. And here’s a song if you’d care to listen as you peruse: Home by Phillip Phillips on Grooveshark   […]


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We rented a tandem bicycle one day to explore Lucca from a different point of view.  We cruised around for a couple hours, PAB leading the way & me freaking out in the back. Basically, we were a spectacle to be seen. And we rented a fabulous villa from AirBNB.  It was so gorgeous, spacious, […]


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Alright, let’s skip back over to our Italy trip in early September.  After we spent the whole day exploring Cinque Terre, we drove our Fiat500 rental car south bound towards Tuscany.  And let me tell you – Lucca exceeded all expectations. The city of Lucca is completely protected by high city walls.  And man, is […]


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I mean, I can’t even explain how excited I was when I saw this potato chip stand. Like, so excited.  Especially when I received this extra-gigantic portion size. Prague has some excellent beers.  Like the original Budweiser.  Try them. The typical dish here would be considered the opposite of ‘light’ & ‘vegetarian’. Ah, Trdelnik.  You […]


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{old town} {views looking back & looking across the Charles Bridge} {Christine & I} {PAB & I} The Charles Bridge in Prague is one of those places that just never gets old. Peaceoutgirlscout, elz


TO PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC WE GO: TimeOut Prague // Prague’s official tourist portal  //  NYT travel: Prague + Stay in the Old Town.  Which is, surprisingly, the oldest part of Prague.  Located on the right bank.  We stayed here, perfect location & a unique hotel.  However, beware: the women who run the place are not very friendly, […]