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Before having our Thanksgiving dinner in Barcelona, we walked all around Park Guell, which provides the best panoramic view of the city.   You definitely have to work up a sweat to get up to the top, which was a nice way to be able to enjoy our dinner later that evening!  And yes…there are […]

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A Spanish architect with a modern style, Antonio Gaudi certainly left his mark in Barcelona.  Born in 1852, Gaudi’s work reflected his life passions {architecture, nature, religion, and his love of the Catalonia region of Spain} that have since been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, since his death in 1926. Arguably his most famous […]


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Before heading to our Thanksgiving dinner, we walked around Park Guell, made famous in part by architect Antonio Gaudi.  Much more on him next week…until then, a couple quick snaps:

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While walking through the streets of Barcelona one afternoon, my friend & I were handed a flyer.  A jazz concert, the following night.  Featuring Ella Fitzgerald.  All I needed to hear. Most holidays during my childhood involved car rides to & from Connecticut, filled with Ella, Louie, Sarah Vaughan, & the like.  And if we […]


Hi there! Hope your work week is winding down & your Thanksgiving plans are making you hungry. And although I won’t be stateside with family & friends tomorrow, Barcelona isn’t a terrible alternative, no?