boat, boat, finally…the boat.

17 April 2012

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Last Thursday, PAB welcomed his newly purchased boat with open arms.  He found an awesome used sloop on Marktplaats, which is basically like the Dutch Craigslist.  {Although, we have that here too…Craigslist Amsterdam…but it isn’t the same feel as in the states.}

Anyway, everything went smoothly with the boat pick-up & launch near the Amsterdam Bos
…except the two times that the engine died while he navigated to our apartment.

I happened to be chatting with him over the phone at the time, and was somehow, magically, able to keep him from “swimming the boat to shore” – because apparently that was an option.  Ok, let’s be serious…I didn’t keep him from doing that, luckily, the engine turned back on.

Fast forward 24 hours, and it’s Friday evening.  The weekend!  The boat!  Yay!

Here is our primo parking spot.  See those branches?  We found a spot under a tree.  Jealous yet?

There are also birds.  In the tree, directly above us, if you catch my drift.  And also next to us, gathering trash to create a nest.

But no worries, nothing can stop us, we are heading to dinner by boat.  This is pretty cool. 

Alright apartment, see ya in a few hours.  We’re just gonna cruise into the city for a couple hours.

Or maybe paddle into the city.  With a stick.  Since the engine died again.

Never fear, PAB is here.  He fixed the engine with a bit of grease & off we go again.

We tie up for dinner, here’s a {blurry} shot of the whole boat.  It’s about seven meters long.

We make it home from dinner safe & sound.  Good thing, since it was dark out & I’m not sure how that would have gone over.

Saturday morning we head to Loods5 & a garden center.  I pur-chased this fine grill for us, can you guess what color we chose??

And I also picked up some oh-so-necessary bean bags.  The best way, the most comfortable way, to enjoy a day spent on the open water.

We had plans to pick up our friends, who were waiting for us at the designated spot near their apartment.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it.  The engine died for reals this time, we had to tie up & abandon ship.  We ended up bringing the grill to our friends place, making the best of the afternoon/evening, and went back to deal with the boat later.

Hopefully, the next time I’m lounging around like this, we will be moving.  Instead of floating.  With a dead engine.  Fingers crossed!

PS  The boat is currently still tied up on a random canal, but the plan is to paddle it home this weekend.   Anyone wanna come visit Amsterdam this weekend?  I hear it’s going to be gorgeous.

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Gesci April 17, 2012

Is it really supposed to be nice?!?! The forecast I’ve read says rain- but I’ll believe you instead! We’re headed to Amsterdam tomorrow for a few days, so if I see anyone paddling a boat around I’ll wave!


elz April 17, 2012

ah, sorry to disappoint…there was a hint of sarcasm in my weather comment. more like a plea in case anyone feels like taking over my paddling duties…im not sure how long i will last rowing the boat back to our canal…

exciting that you are coming to visit this weekend! i hope the weather forecast changes for your sake!


Liz April 17, 2012

I can’t believe how much engine trouble you’re having!!! is it going to cost a fortune to replace it? Is PAB pissed?! I hope it all works out!!! The boat is SO amazing!


elz April 17, 2012

Haha we shall see – we have a mobile boat repair service coming to take a look next monday…my biggest concern is getting it fixed by my parents’ visit, they get here in May!


roastypeps April 17, 2012

Yes, you definitely want to avoid mooring the boat under trees. Leaves, pollen and “other things” tend to drop down from trees. Nice looking boat – Paul looks like a gondolier with that stick in his hand. I’ll bring you a big floppy sun hat when we come visit in a few weeks!


elz April 17, 2012

ooo that floppy hat sounds fantastic! : )

unfortunately, it seems to be the only available spot…but we do have a large plastic cover that works well.


Alex April 17, 2012

If I wasn’t already going to Munich this weekend, I’d totally be in. Both times I’ve been in Amsterdam, we’d sit along a canal with wine and beer and think about how much cooler it’d be to be in a boat and looked longily at all the cool people with a fun group on a boat. Too fun!


elz April 18, 2012

Well looks like you should start planning a future trip then! The boat engine surely will be fixed by then…


Bob April 18, 2012

Should have spent the money on some new tools instead of bean bags. ( Know where you might find a few.)
Hope it is fixed by May or you have to invest in some oars and a mast and turn it into a Viking ship.


elz April 18, 2012

HA! Good one Bob, good one.


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