bloggers taking photographs, or apple picking.

29 October 2012

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Post image for bloggers taking photographs, or apple picking.

On Sunday we headed outside of Amsterdam & participated in the last day of zelfpluk at this orchard. Armed with warm coats, bags for our new fruit treasures, and of course our cameras…we wandered up & down the aisles laughing and picking apples here or there.

I ended up taking home 7.

But that’s enough for an apple pie right?
{Well, we ate one so now we have 6. But I still think it’s enough.}

And anyway, we all just wanted to take photographs so then we could share our adventure on instagram, twitter, and in the blogosphere. Because that’s what it’s all about right? Forget this ‘living in the moment’ thing – it’s all about capturing the moment & sharing it instantly. or maybe with a #latergram, whatevs.

Oh, and when I say we, I mean:
Lily // @lilywanderlust
Mandy // @mgia11
Liz // @lizdenfeld
Carly // @misscarlydiaz
Jana // @mrspalmaccio

Here are a few of my pics:






Tot ziens!

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Rachael October 29, 2012

Yay! Fun :). Looked like I missed a great day. I’ll see you guys soon! (Wednesday? AND Saturday? Muahaha)


elz October 29, 2012

yes & yes!


Alex @ ifs ands & Butts October 29, 2012

So fun you have all these bloggers to meet up with – and looks like you had beautiful weather. The sun is becoming more and more rare these days in GErmany…


roastypeps November 4, 2012

Love the group photo of the apple babes.


Lily @ November 4, 2012

Oh man, I’m so glad we were able to catch some autumn sunshine. What a fun, delicious day! How long did your apple pie last? Ours was gone in 2 days, oops :)


Svenja November 20, 2012

Hi there, ik ben Svenja en ik heb zelf ook 2 jaar in Nederland gewoond en gewerkt, maar ik ben eigenlijk Duitse ;-)

I just travelled over from the lovely blog ifs, ands and butts and just quickly wanted to say hi!
I lived 2 years in NL and lived in Eindhoven. I went to AMS a couple of times and enjoyed it! I also loved the small place Dordrecht, just outside Rotterdam, very old and really lovely place.

Tot ziens & love


roastypeps November 29, 2012

Hey, it’s been a month since you last posted! What’s up with that?


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