accidental breakfast and a memorable bike ride

5 January 2012

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Unfortunately, the Dutch aren’t known for their breakfast.  In fact, it can be hard to find places that even serve breakfast items beyond baked goods.  As two people who love a good brunch, PAB & I were worried we might be forced to make our own french toast-omelettes-hash browns-egg sandwiches-etc lineup all the time.  {Fun once in a while, but sometimes it’s nice to have everything neatly presented to you on a plate while you chat over coffee, no?}

Anyway, I am pleased to announce this may not be the case after all!  As we discover more & more areas of Amsterdam, our new city, there are secret spots that can definitely fill our cravings.  Earlier this week EE/theDoctor {the grand surprise} & I found one such spot.  Located in De Pijp, an area south of city center & quickly becoming my new favorite neighborhood, we sat down only looking for a cappuccino.

And then this all happened:

We are going to ignore the fact that we were served a side of plain white bread and just focus on the big picture…it’s a hot breakfast, folks.

And of course we had to order a milkshake just to try one / it-had-fruit-that-means-it’s-healthy, duh.

All in all, we stumbled into the perfect spot to begin our day.  Actually, our morning started with the bike ride to De Pijp, where EE/theDoctor almost had a panic attack because I threw him to the wolves, slash, made him make a left turn in traffic over 10 tram tracks on a road bike with skinny tires that could have lodged & caused him to get run over by the quickly approaching tram…but that’s just a side note.  Plus, all was NOT lost as we made the turn & continued on our way through Vondelpark, a much more relaxing part of the ride.  In fact, I will go on the record to say that it is EE/theDoctor’s favorite place to bike in the entire city.

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roastypeps January 5, 2012

breakfast looks yummy. omg, don’t tell me things like crossing your bicycle over ten tracks with an on coming train approaching! I already have enough worries…….


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