a tandem bicycle & a tuscan villa

16 October 2012

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We rented a tandem bicycle one day to explore Lucca from a different point of view.  We cruised around for a couple hours, PAB leading the way & me freaking out in the back.

Basically, we were a spectacle to be seen.

And we rented a fabulous villa from AirBNB.  It was so gorgeous, spacious, and totally perfect.

And what is really coincidental, is that one of my good friends here in the Amsterdam was also planning a trip to Tuscany, and went a couple weeks after us.  Well, they ended up renting the same.exact.villa.  And you should probably check out these pics of their pics, since they also photographed the inside of “our” place.

Basically, the villa was so perfect.  A cute backyard…

….and a private pool!  Hello summer sunshine.


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Megan October 16, 2012

ive always wanted to ride a tandem bike. unfortunately id probably let the other person do all the work and id be along for the lazy ride.

great photos!


Jay Reynolds March 21, 2013

Thanks for the great pictures, that villa looks great! I am browsing the internet for things to do in Tuscany and Tuscan Villa Rentals when I came across your page. I am looking for a location that has a lot of things happening, and a decent night life, would you know the best area for this?


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