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10 October 2012

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So if you have been checking in on my blog every once in a while over the past few months, or if you’re like my mother who reads every single word, you may have noticed that I change around the design every once in a while.  A new font here, more pictures there…I’ve slowly been learning about web design, HTML coding, & CSS techniques.

Well, voila:  last month, I designed a brand new blog for my favorite brother.

The title is fitting, because let me tell you…he is the FILM ENTHUSIAST.

Oh, and two more things: you can like him on facebook & follow him on twitter…because really, what kind of a sister would I be if I didn’t shamelessly ask you all to support him?!  Pah-lease.

Happy Wednesday.

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roastypeps October 10, 2012

You are the Best! I’ll have two blogs to follow now!


Melissa October 10, 2012

I liked him and now I follow him. I do as I’m told.

PS your blog looks great!


elz October 11, 2012

hahahah this made me smile. thanks dear!


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